The Little Stranger

The Little Stranger - Sarah Waters Not normally a book that I would have read, but was book of the month for a book club.It is a story of a house more than anything else, and the family and people that inhabit it. The Ayres family have been there for generations and are down to the mother, son and daughter as residents in the house. The death duties have financially crippled them, but they are still holding on. The mani character is Dr Faraday, who attends them one day and is drawn into the confidence of the family. The brother is driven mad by a presence in the house, and ends up in a institution. The mother commits suicide. The Dr is set to be married to the Caroline, the daughter still there, but she calls it off, and is tragically killed, after falling over a bannister; the maid her her call 'You' just before the tragedy.Some of the story was gripping, and Waters got across the melancholy sense of an estate that was falling apart. I found that the main character was slightly annoying, and the writing style grated. i think she was trying to emulate the brooding style of du Maurier, but didn't fully pul it off. I though it was ok, but didn't overly enjoy it.

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