Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline Is this the internet in 15 years time? Possibly.In this world that Cline has created, the internet is a fully body experience, that players and participants spend enormous amounts of time in. The plot concerns a bunch of gunters (game players) who have been trying to find the three keys that Halliday, a legendary game designer, left in the OASIS. There are clues and puzzles are based on the favourite things that Halliday liked. People have been trying for five years to even find the first clues, with no success.Wade, or Parzival as his avatar is known, is college student, who manages to get lucky and find the first key. Along the way he meets and is challenged by other talented gunters and all of the are up against the IOI corporation who want to find the keys and clues to get the main prize.I really enjoyed this, the plot was good, the challenges of the puzzle and going up against a corporation that isn't afraid to murder worked really well. Not particularly strong on the characters, and there was the odd error on the on the 2010 movie quote that the game designer Halliday was supposed to like, but apart from that excellent.

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