The Help Deluxe Edition

The Help - Kathryn Stockett This is a book written in the early days of the civil right movement in America. It concerns three main characters, Miss Skeeter, Aibileen & Minny.Skeeter sells the idea of a book about the way that the maids are treated in the homes of the deep south having had her own maid leave without as much as a good bye. It is a struggle to get the maids to work with Miss Skeeter, but they are mostly persuaded to assist as the civl right movement gathers momentum. In amongst all this is Miss Skeeters relationship with a senators son, and the struggle with a Hilly, control freak in charge of the local fundraising League.In all this the book gets written and published anonymously, and creates a massive stir across the south and the local community.A powerful story that shines a light on the darkest points of Americas history.Comment Comment | Permalink

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