Ghost Force (Admiral Arnold Morgan Series #9)

Ghost Force  - Patrick Robinson I have read a few of Patrick Robinson's naval thrillers. Had been lent this one, and then found a copy on my shelf. Read one book, clear two.It is a fairly simple plot, the Russians are getting nervous about the Siberians clamour for independence so they can sell their oil to the highest bidder, and eliminate all the main players. They then strike a deal with the Argentineans to exploit the newly discovered oil filed at the Southern tip of the country and under the Falklands. Argentina invade the Falklands (again) this time, with the assistance of a Russian sub, hammer the British. They surrender and there are a team of SAS left on the island and are being searched for. So far so bad. The American realise that there is more to this attack than they first thought, and Exxon have lost several billion dollars of investment. They decide to covertly put Argentina under pressure by destroying planes etc, and rescuing the SAS.It is a very swift read, and not particularly challenging. Robinson also uses the book to have a dig at UK political spending on defence. Not bad, but not great either.

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