The Slow Fix: Solve Problems, Work Smarter and Live Better in a World Addicted to Speed - Carl Honoré Following on from his excellent In Praise of Slow, this is Honoré's look at practical ways to achieve by thinking about a problem first.

His theory is that by rushing into solving a problem then you are not considering the full implications of your decisions and actions, and that by taking time and effort to get it right you only need to do it once. He does accept that quick fixes are sometime necessary; to get a car running again to get home, but proper consideration on a problem will lead to long term benefits.

The book is stuffed full of examples and case studies and he picks examples from other titles that I have read, such as The Wisdom of Crowds, Blink and Good to Great. Al lot of what he says is very true; the churn of stocks and share has no benefit to society or companies, as the long term investments made by Warren Buffet prove. The examples of the way that the RAF looks at pilot error and other mistake make all the flying by them safer, and looks at the check list now used by surgeons the world over to minimise errors.

Overall it is not a bad read, but not as ground breaking as his first book.

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