Prador Moon - Neal Asher It is set on the outer reaches of the Polity universe that Asher has created, this is about humans encountering alien life.

The Prador are a invertebrate race that have a strictly defined pyramid family structure. They are brutal and callous, cruel and nasty. The family has three levels of children that as they climb the ladder and they are named when they reach to top. The fight to the top is hard and often fatal.

When the civilisations meet the Prador capture kill and eat their human captives. A plan is hatched to stop them getting to other parts of the Polity via the runcible wormholes, but there is a traitor in the Polity. It all leads to a big showdown.

Most enjoyed this, the technology in the book, and the aug's that are computer attached to the brain are excellent. There is lots of action, space battles and fights when they meet, but I thought that the plot was not as strong as it could have been.

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