Hunter Killer - Patrick Robinson This naval thriller has a slightly unbelievable plot, where France has been approached by a prince from Saudi Arabia who has had enough of the prolific spending of the current royal family and has decided that a coup is necessary to bring back a more restrained order to his country.

France agrees to help with special forces and subs to carry out the coup. There is devastation of oil industry which has huge ramifications for the global economy and energy supply. The Americans are not best please that they have been stitched up, and set about trying to right the wrongs.

The books starts of very slowly, I don't mind a little of setting the scene, but this took a while. When the action does start it isn't bad, but it does come across as stilted and not totally believable. The actions that America takes against France would probably start WWIII, so I cannot imagine that ever happening. It was a swift read though.

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