2312 - Kim Stanley Robinson Robinson has written a tome that spans the Solar system, from Venus and Earth to the moons of the gas giants. And it is an interesting story about the potential battle that humanity may have with its creations.The earth has suffered calamitous destruction following seal level rises, and has around 11 billion people eking out an existence. People have colonised various planets, and various schemes have been devised to tera-form the planets and moon. Some are ingenious and others are how scientists imagine it could be done.Swan, the main character, is given a task to do be a recently deceased friend, and this leads her to uncover a plot being hatched by qube's, quantum AI's that are embedded into people, and assist in modern society. Some of the concepts in here are very good, and he has made the technology seem real and plausible, but it is very long, The chapters are punctuated by lists and extracts. I could not understand how they fitted in the story, and I think that this spoilt it.

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