The Hairy Hikers: A Coast-to-Coast Trek Along the French Pyrenees

The Hairy Hikers: A Coast-to-Coast Trek Along the French Pyrenees - David Le Vay Two blokes, four boots and one mountain range.I kind of enjoyed this, and would had given 3.5 stars if i could, because whilst it is good, it is not great.David is on the cusp of having a mid life crisis, and decides to undertake hiking the GR10 route from the Atlantic to the med, as his way of coping with it.. He ropes in a friend, Rod, and prepares. I say prepares, he goes up and down Box Hill a couple of times. They make it to the start of the route, and start the walk. Part of the book is about the people that they meet, and the remainder is about the places they stay. A little is about the route and the landscapes, which I miss from a travel book. You get to understand what he is like, partly as he suffers from a fair amount of anxiety, and towards the end you get a feeling of what he understands about himself towards the end.

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